The Sightseeing Coeliac’s Top London Market Stalls

I absolutely love markets – you just never know what you will come across! In London amazing gluten free finds are becoming increasingly common and such a great way to eat a casual, cheaper lunch option on a day out in the City! Some of the best gluten free treats in London are also found at markets, so what are my top picks for gluten free London Market stalls?

Broadway Market

Floris Foods 

I have a sweet tooth and love donuts! Floris Foods are a 100% gluten free stall found at Broadway Market every Saturday. A bit of an effort to get to but oh so worth it when you get to taste the incredible gluten free and dairy free donuts that you have been craving!


They really need to start delivering these across the UK as so many coeliacs are currently missing out!


Eat n Mess 

Also found at Broadway Market is the amazing Bakery stall of Eat n Mess. Whilst at Floris Foods it’s easy for me to pick a top choice of the donuts, at Eat n Mess it’s much harder! From s’mores baked cheesecakes to soft gooey cookies to cookie sandwiches, you are in Coeliac heaven trying to decide what to pick and should definitely not be missed!


I can’t wait for the day that they too deliver across the UK although my bank balance and waistline are better off without the option!


Meringue Girls 

We finish the round up with the prettiest and what must be the most instagrammable market stall in London – Meringue Girls! Colourful and pretty unicorn poo in every colour that taste as amazing as they look! With the mini pavlovas being made with gluten free brownie as a topping, what are you waiting for?


Spore boys 

At Broadway Market once you’ve had your sugar hit from donuts and cookie sandwiches you will need some proper lunch, and the incredible small wafting from this stall just lures you in. Hot and creamy mushroom risotto that is truly amazing especially in the winter months to warm you up after wandering the market.


Borough Market

Free From Bakehouse 

Following with the theme of bakery stalls the Freefrom Bakehouse at Borough Market is amazing! All gluten free and lots of dairy free options they have an overwhelming choice of cakes.


My top pick is their Battenberg cake which is the first time I’ve found it since being Coeliac and I was so so excited to reminisce over my childhood cake of choice!


Khanon Krok 

If you’re looking for gluten free Thai food look no further than the gluten free Khanon Krok stall at Borough Market. Serving up gluten free pad Thai using Tamari instead of soy sauce it is a delicious 100% gluten free quick meal!


For dessert or a sweet snack they also sell delicious creamy, hot and sweet coconut mini pancakes. Yum!


Horn Ok Please 

Not one normally to go for the vegetarian option it says something about how amazing these masala potato filled dosas are for these to make my top choices! Whatever chutney they top the chick peas with makes them the best chickpea side I’ve ever eaten! Definitely a top hit at Borough Market especially if you’re a vegetarian coeliac.


Camden Market


At Camden market Arepa is an amazing gluten free choice. Arepas are naturally gluten free and with vegan options there is something for everyone and taste awesome! If you’ve never tried an Arepa make your way to Camden Market now to see what you’ve been missing out on!


Oli Babas 

Who doesn’t live halloumi? These halloumi fries are unreal and Coeliac safe so should not be missed on a trip to Camden Market! They’re worth a trip to London alone.


Maize Blaze 

Serving up tasty Colombian food with boxes filled with chicken, chorizo, sautéed potatoes, garlic rice, plantain, beans, guacamole, red cabbage and salad or a vegan option that’s a whole lot of awesomeness for your money is the 100% gluten free Maize Blaze who also regularly attend gluten free festivals! Be sure to check them out and give their food a try if you see them.


Greenwich Market

Ruby’s of London 

Greenwich Market at weekends is home to Ruby’s of London featuring gluten free and vegan donuts and cupcakes. They are all  good (a bit on the sweet side but I don’t mind that) and definitely worth a stop if you’re ever in Greenwich over the weekend. They are also now stocked at Leon in London Bridge but currently aren’t labelled as gluten free as the bakery does handle wheat. However at their market and online they are labelled gluten free and they are able to talk you through their cross contamination procedures. Soon they will be moving to a gluten free facility and there won’t be any confusion!


Other Recommendations

Sticky Bundits

If you’re looking for a gluten free taste of Vietnam on the go try Sticky Bundits! Incredible rice burgers made with slow cooked pork belly and a pork patty and topped with Asian basil chutney, peanuts and Chilli they are surprisingly tasty! With a chicken and vegan option they too offer something for everyone. Follow them on Instagram to see where they will be next!


Louisiana Chilli Shack 

Found at St Giles on the Fields Market on Thursdays near Tottenham Court Road and at various pop ups, Louisiana Chilli shack lead the way with their 100% gluten free stall serving up the most delicious boxes of Chilli which include a vegan option. Totally delicious and worth tracking down!


What is your favourite market stall in London? Let me know if I’ve missed it out and I can give it a try! I hope anyone visiting London has great fun eating their way around these options and can fulfill their Coeliac dreams with donuts, battenberg and more!

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