The Sightseeing Coeliac Eating Cheesecake

Before using instagram I never knew that days such as ‘National Cheesecake Day’ existed! I mean a whole day dedicated to the creamy indulgent dessert in hindsight does make sense – I mean who doesn’t love cheesecake? However, what does a coeliac diagnosis mean for those wanting to indulge? Here’s my round up to find out!

Marks and Spencer

The Marks and Spencer New York cheesecake is my favourite shop bought cheesecake. A delicious creamy and indulgent cheesecake that’s pairs up brilliantly with the M&S salted caramel sauce. Often included in the £10 dine in for two meal deal it is one to try even if I personally would prefer it to have a slightly thicker base!


Sainsburys Vanilla Cheesecake 

There’s not much I can say about this cheesecake except don’t waste your time. Despite reading negative reviews I tried it for myself, only to wish I hadn’t as it was tasteless with a soggy base. Save your money!



Tesco have launched a berry cheesecake for six people that I’m yet to try! Have you tried it yet? Would you recommend it?


Too Good To Be 

A cheesecake that I really wanted to try was the Too Good To Be raspberry ripple cheesecake. However, when I spoke to them at the Allergy Free From Show they told me it had been discontinued due to low demand. How disappointing! This product I saw no marketing for except the odd photo on instragram. When I went online to find out where stocked it, it only seemed to be available online with free deliveries for orders over £20. At £2.50 for a cheesecake that was a lot of pies and tarts, and the postage wasn’t worth paying for the sake of a cheesecake I fancied on its own. Such a shame it never hit the shelves of Sainsburys with some of the other products from their range as I definitely would have bought it. Not even at the Allergy show were the brand selling their products making some of them difficult to get your hands on despite being delicious!


Artisan Gluten Free Bakery 

Edit – August 2020 – this bakery is closed. 

The Artisan Gluten Free Bakery does an amazing cheesecake with a fab base that I would recommend. So many choices when venturing into a 100% bakery. Here I would recommend the pastries and the cheesecake over the cakes! I brought a slice home with me so it doesn’t look that pretty as it crumbled a bit on the journey, but that didn’t take away from the taste!


Beyond Bread 

Edit – All branches of Beyond Bread have now closed. 

I can’t find a photo of the cheese cake from Beyond Bread. It was ok but it had practically no base so wouldn’t be my first choice cheesecake with the options available in London, or my first choice from Beyond Bread who have an incredible range of cakes and pastries that I rate more highly.

Eat n Mess 

A bit of a hybrid rather than a traditional cheesecake but the s’mores baked chocolate cheesecakes by Eat n Mess at Broadway Market are divine and could not be left out of this post. If you can ever find a way to Broadway Market (Saturdays in Hackney) to visit their stall or to Kent for their cafe then I would really advise picking up one of these delights.


Vitao Vantra

Vitao Vantra is a cafe near Tottenham Court Road and the place to find vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free delights. Yes, cheesecake can be found in London gluten free without all the refined sugar, in the form of this red berry raw cheesecake.



Leggero (formally La Polenteria) is a 100% gluten free Italian restaurant in Soho who have cheesecake on the menu. It is amazing and I highly recommend that you save room for a slice if you go here, or if not order it anyway to squeeze it in or take it away! Don’t miss out!



Cotto is a fabulous Italian restaurant near Waterloo. As it is owned by a coeliac you can eat out knowing that you’re in safe hands. Their dessert menu means you’re in for a treat with options such as tiramisu or this delicious cheesecake that came with a strawberry coulis! Another Italian restaurant that I left having eaten far more food than necessary due to the huge gluten free menu and how yummy all the food was!



Marcus Wareing’s restaurant Tredwells in Covent Garden is a winner of AA’s restaurant of the year serving up British Cuisine with international influences. I had a fab meal here with my family as a Christmas present. It wasn’t cheap but the food was amazing. On the gluten free menu was a gin and tonic cheesecake! Gin and tonic isn’t my first choice drink (sorry to all you gin fans) but when cheesecake is on the gluten free menu I’m going to order it! The taste was really strong and zingy but I liked it (possibly not as much as a classic flavoured cheesecake but hey it was gluten free cheeesecake so can’t complain too much!) The base wasn’t enough for me either, but I’d still choose it if I went to Tredwells again!


The Prince George Pub

Outside of London it is not so easy to find good gluten free menus, especially for desserts. I was recently extremely excited to find that my local pub in Milton Keynes had gluten free cheesecake on the menu. Amazing! I take it for granted when I’m working that London is incredible for gluten free offerings. As I don’t live there I know that isn’t the same everywhere, so I was really excited by this find and recommend the pub to anyone who may be local or visiting Milton Keynes! The toffee and honeycomb cheesecake was so good!


The Navigation Inn

Located ten miles out of Milton Keynes in Cosgrove is the Navigation Inn where I had a fantastic meal celebrating my friends birthday. Cosgrove is an ideal location for a meal if you’re visiting Northampton, Towcester, Buckingham or Silverstone and looking for a pub meal. There are several gluten free dessert options which always shows a restaurant takes their gluten free menu seriously. I opted for this white chocolate cheesecake that was served with honeycomb ice cream and honeycomb pieces – a true slice of heaven!


Home Baking 

That leaves me only with my own attempts at cheesecake. Using the River Cottage cookbook, so more thanks to Naomi Devlin than my own skills this was my creation – her vanilla cheesecake topped with blueberries and OMG it is heaven on a plate. Buy the book and make it now, you won’t regret it. Sooo amazing and I wish I had some now!


Happy National Cheesecake Day – I hope you all get your hands on some amazing gluten free cheesecake or have some luck making your own! Where else would you recommend? Leave me a comment so I can give it a try!

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