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The Sightseeing Coeliac is a Gluten Free Travel Blog, independently run by Rachel Goldsworthy covering gluten free, Coeliac safe, finds from around the World.


I originally started my account through Instagram to document my gluten free lunches on the go as I was eating out regularly in Central London whilst working on Oxford Street. I have always travelled frequently, so I started my blog to write gluten free travel guides to share my gluten free recommendations with others.

So many people with coeliac are reluctant to travel and eat out, two lifestyle choices I never considered changing when diagnosed with coeliac over ten years ago. I now focus on finding the best local cuisine and treats anywhere I go in the World and I am passionate about sharing that information – with honesty – as cross contamination is a real concern for coeliac sufferers. Too many times I have travelled out of my way to only find a ‘gluten free’ recommendation still wasn’t safe for me so I make my blog transparent so people can choose which restaurants they feel they would like to visit. I write Coeliac safe travel guides to help my readers be able to travel more confidently without all the research I have had to do!

Recently I was nominated for The Best Gluten Free Travel Blogger Award in the Teletext Travel Blogger Awards, and I am featured on their website.


When I’m not travelling, I am either on the hunt for new gluten free finds, hiking in the British countryside, making scrapbooks, or baking, a lot of which I share daily on my instagram account. During lockdown I spent a lot more time than normal baking and my Parma violet battenberg won a baking competition that was featured in the Parma Violets Book.

During this time, I also wrote an extensive Gluten Free Travel Guide to Europe that I was really proud of – it contains links to gluten free guides by other bloggers, gluten free hotels, resorts, travel tips, restaurants and more for every country to make the information as accessible as possible for my readers whilst planning a trip abroad. I hope to extend this to other Continents at a time when there are less restrictions for long haul travelling.

Please get in touch with me if you are a restaurant, hotel or business that would like to feature in these guides; if you are looking for further information to collaborate or to request a media kit by filling in your details below or email me on: