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Last updated in February 2023

I can remember so clearly the first time I ate out at a 100% gluten free restaurant after my diagnosis. It was in Australia at the Gluten Free For Me cafe on the way to Australia Zoo. I can remember the feeling of being able to eat anything I wanted, the pure joy, relief, excitement. The not having to ask loads of questions just to find something safe and realising how much eating out had become a game of Russian roulette since being diagnosed as Coeliac. After a lot of deliberating over the menu, eating waffles for breakfast set me up for one of my best days in my two month trip to Australia and New Zealand and apart from Australia Zoo being totally amazing I’m sure my food experience played a huge part in my memories.

For many, 100% gluten free options may be the only places you’ll consider eating out at to protect yourself from any potential risk for cross contamination, that you definitely don’t want whilst on holiday. If that’s you then a trip to London is easily doable with so many 100% gluten free eateries. Every Coeliac I think gets excited at being able to pick anything to eat off a menu and just feel normal, in which case there’s plenty for you to try on a trip to the Capital!

Gluten free options in London change frequently so do double check somewhere is open and trading before you travel out of your way there. Please do also let me know if anywhere on the list you discover to have closed. RIP to some of my faves – Beyond Bread, Leggero and Yorica but welcome to some new gluten free hot spots in the city.

Bakeries and treats

Borough 22

Location: Selfridges, Oxford Street (Bond Street)

Borough 22 doughnuts can be found in Selfridges and at various cafes around London. Delicious ring donuts that are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and soy free so a great option for those with multiple allergies wanting to indulge in a sweet treat. I love these, although the texture is more cakey than that of normal donuts so be prepared for that! (Also check that the cafe is storing them safely, Borough 22 donuts are 100% gluten free but when I went to buy one from Timberyard they’d cross contaminated them by storing them with normal cakes).

As of 2022, Borough 22 have also perfected the fried doughnut which go onsale online every Friday at 6pm, but be quick as they reportedly sell out in minutes!


Cookies and Scream

Location: Holloway Road (Highbury and Islington underground)

One of my favourite places in London – their food is super indulgent and unbelievably gluten free and vegan. If heaven was a place on Earth it would come in the form of a Cookies and Scream bakery. Go, indulge and don’t regret it.



Doughnut Time

Locations: Various across London – The London Bridge branch definitely sell the gluten free ones

Doughnut Time has created a gluten free range to their baked doughnuts. Last time I checked they are all prepared and cooked separately so I know many who eat them, whilst Doughnut Time state that they aren’t safe for coeliacs as they are waiting for Coeliac UK accreditation. They are incredible loaded baked doughnuts so more cakey than doughnut but amazing nonetheless.

Some branches of Doughnut Time sell individually wrapped gluten free doughnuts, or six packs can be ordered online.

Floris Foods

Location: Broadway Market, Hackney (Bethnal Green)

An effort to get to Broadway Market on a Saturday (9am-5pm) rewards you with the 100% gluten free bakery stall with to die for baked goods and gluten free donuts. Yes the panic will set in as you question whether they really are gluten free but just relax and enjoy the delights that they are.


Freefrom Bakehouse

Location: Borough Market (London Bridge)

The Freefrom Bakehouse is the must visit stall at Borough Market for those on a free from diet. All gluten free, with lots of dairy free and vegan options you’ll be there a while deciding which delight to go for. For me it has to be the Battenberg, the only place I’ve seen it sold in London although it doesn’t regularly feature on the menu. On my last visit I tried a soft and delicious bakewell tart.


Klear Labs

Location: Portobello Road

A gluten free, sugar free, organic and low carb bakery not far from Libby’s. This is an expensive modern bakery, where I picked up a couple of cookies. It’s a bakery I don’t feel the need to rush back to, but I would pick something up if I was nearby or maybe stop for a coffee.

Libby’s Gluten Free and Sugar Free Bakery

Locations: Notting Hill and Belsize Park

Libby’s bakery is relatively new to the London gluten free scene but well advertised on social media, mostly thanks to their awesome croissants which I highly recommend. Their actual bakery is also sugar free, so I personally wasn’t a fan of the tiramasu cake slice that I bought. I would definitely personally save your sweet treat purchases for else where unless you need them to be sugar free.

Belsize Park is a new location that I haven’t yet been to which looks to be the one to visit if you can with a more extensive pastry menu and some amazing looking pizzas.

Ma Ma Boutique Bakery

Location: Chiswick

Not on the tourist trail, so I have not made it out the the insane looking 100% gluten free Ma Ma Boutique Bakery but its firmly on the list to try.

Vida Bakery

Location: Brick Lane (Liverpool Street Underground or Shoreditch High Street Overground)

Vida is a colourful 100% gluten free and vegan bakery filled with the most delicious cupcakes and slices of cake. This should be on your London must visit list especially if you are also dairy free, egg free or vegan.

Street Food

Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen

Location: Camden Market (Camden Underground)

Arepas are amazing for those who are Coeliac as they are naturally gluten free and they have started to pop up all over London. Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen at Camden is one of my favourite lunch options and can be made dairy free or vegan. Head to Camden if you have never tried one as before this I didn’t know what I’d been missing!



Location: Whitecross Street Market

Having discovered tapioca crepes in Brazil, I am a huge fan. Beijummy offers a gluten free option at Whitecross Street Market.


Locations: Old Spitalfields, Greenwich and Mercato Metroplitano

Guasa also sells 100% gluten free arepas at markets across London and are the same owners as Guasa in Madrid.

Khanom Krok

Location: Borough Market (London Bridge)

If you’re missing some authentic Thai food visit Khanom Krok for some unbelievable pad Thai made using gluten free Tamari. There are also coconut pancakes if you fancy a warm, sweet, gooey, coconutty ( and vegan) dessert. I love both of these dishes.




Location: Camden and Broadway Markets

Makatcha Indonesian curries are on my must try list for another 100% gluten free option at both Camden and Broadway Markets.


Location: South Bank

Another arepa spot but one I am yet to try, located at South Bank every weekend.


Location: Portobello Road Market

More Venezuelan food is found at Papelon, but this time you can discover cachapas to break up all the arepa eating.

Tapioc Wraps

Location: Camden Market

100% gluten tapioca crepes can also be found at Camden Market at Tapioc Wraps.



Location: Shoreditch

Andina is a Peruvian restaurant with amazing food. I visited this restaurant at it’s previous location that wasn’t completely gluten free but catered really well for both myself and my vegetarian friend. They have since moved locations to Shoreditch and are now completely gluten free so I can not wait for a chance to return.


Location: One Aldwych Hotel, Covent Garden

On the fancier and pricier end of gluten free dining in London you can find the hotel restaurant that went totally gluten and dairy free without telling anyone. This is a fabulous place to eat, especially if you also need to eat dairy free and is worth the splurge.

Near and Far

Location: Camden

I have eaten at nearly all the gluten free restaurants in London, but Near and Far as a newer option in Camden is on my list. They have a fantastic looking brunch menu which sadly doesn’t start until 10am which is too late for my next London visit so I will need to wait a while longer to try it out! If you’re visiting Camden it looks like an absolute must, and if you can not make it for brunch the daytime menu also looks fantastic at this independent restaurant.


Location: Islington (Angel)

One of the favourites amongst gluten free-ers you’re bound to be astounded by the menu that includes fried food, burgers, pies and everything out of bounds on a normal restaurant menu. Order the fried chicken, it’s my absolute favourite! Oh and the peanut butter blondie dessert is exceptionally heavenly.



Oli Baba’s

There are no words to describe this stall! Everyone loves halloumi but these halloumi fries are out of this world delicious. You must come to Camden for these! Oli Baba’s at Camden is 100% gluten free but the other locations are not.


It may seem a long way off the tourist trail but Brixton is only a few stops on the Victoria line from Oxford Circus, Green Park or Victoria so is worth the effort of getting to for some delicious 100% gluten free food. When I visited I had the halloumi burger, which comes recommended and I’d love to return for brunch.


Location: Southwark

Whilst I personally love dedicated gluten free restaurants, I try to visit them when I’m by myself especially if the menu is heavy on bread, burgers and pizzas so I don’t have to subject my friends and family to gluten free bread. I prefer restaurants that can cater for me with good protocols instead so that noone feels like they are compromising. The best alternative however is dedicated restaurants based on naturally gluten free cuisine so that I am totally safe but everyone else can’t tell the difference either.

The best restaurant for this in London I believe is the South American restaurant, Paladar. All my friends absolutely loved the food and the vibe here. Go, and make sure you save room for the churros for dessert.

Plant Club

Location: Newington Green

A little bit further out is this newer gluten free and vegan Italian restaurant in Newington Green that I am yet to try but also looks fab!

Station 26

Location: Brixton


Location: Oxford Street (Tottenham Court Road)

Vantra is a hidden gem of a restaurant near Tottenham Court Road for those following a gluten free, vegan and/or refined sugar free diet. Serving up vegan meals I’ve never actually eaten lunch there but the red berry cheesecake was amazing!


No Longer 100% Gluten Free

Holy Carrot

  • I have seen this fancy vegetarian restaurant in Knightsbridge listed as 100% gluten free and I originally thought it was too, but whilst it caters well for gluten free I don’t think it is 100% gluten free (please share if you know for sure either way?)

Horn Ok Please

  • Location: Borough Market (London Bridge)
  • No longer 100% gluten free and I chose not to eat there on my last visit. They say that they can cater and that they are careful, but if you’re coeliac please note that the crunchy sev topping is a ‘May Contain’. They do not freely advertise this – I’ve been twice and had to ask quite a few questions both times to establish this, and the sev is everywhere. Many still eat it but I much prefer to get Pad Thai or tacos from one of the other 100% gluten free stalls.


  • Mommi is no longer 100% gluten free although they have plenty of gluten free options on the menu.

Online Orders Only

Apres Food Co

Apres Food Co was a 100% gluten and refined sugar free cafe and their menu was a dream. When they were a cafe, I visited for breakfast and had the American pancakes topped with bacon and coconut blossom and it was perfection. However, due to its Central London location they had to adapt during the pandemic and now they are an online gluten free business that is still worth checking out.


Manna Dew

Manna Dew was a 100% gluten free patisserie located in Battersea. Serving up sandwiches using their foccacia, a breakfast menu with treats such as eggs benedict, cakes and an afternoon tea if booked in advance this was a place to seek out in London to truly indulge. Now they are an online business (although I believe you can still collect from their Battersea location, mostly now deliver across the UK). Their croissants that are available for delivery are some of the best I’ve tried and I order them annually for Christmas.

Permanently Closed 100% Gluten Free Restaurants and Bakeries

Artisan Gluten Free Bakery

Beyond Bread

The Farm stand

Hemsley and Hemsley


Louisiana Chilli Shack

Maize Blaze

Location: Camden Market (Camden)

Also at Camden the 100% gluten free stall of Maize Blaze can be found serving up boxes of incredible Colombian food. Street food in London is easy to find gluten free when you know where to go and in the end you’ll struggle to know what to pick! However, online this is showing as permanently closed but I’m not sure if that is a seasonal closure or whether it applies to the Camden stall as well as their kitchen so could be worth checking if you head to Camden Market (and please let me know!)


Pearl and Groove


There are so many exceptional places to eat in London gluten free and enough 100% gluten free places to choose from if you’re nervous eating out. Specialist gluten free eateries are opening and closing all the time so please let me know if you find any of these to be closed, or if there is anywhere that I have missed!

This list shows that you don’t need to be worried about eating out safely and that you don’t need to take food with you on a trip to London. I absolutely love eating my way around the city, and miss working in Central London daily!

Happy Travels, with no gluten!

Note: Writing a gluten free travel blog is a passion project of mine but the website has an annual subscription cost so it actually costs me money to run. If you find my guides helpful please consider buying me a virtual coffee through my kofi link to help me run this free resource for gluten free travel. Thank you!

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  1. Isn’t La Polenteria gluten free? They were fantastic when we last visited. They are in Soho I think. We found them by accident, glad we did.


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