Gluten Free in Milton Keynes – The Sightseeing Coeliac

A gluten free guide to Milton Keynes, is something that I have been meaning to write for a long time. I write travel guides for all over the World, but have never written one for my home town. Now that I have been at home for seven weeks in lockdown it seems like a great time to change this!

I sometimes get asked advice on my Instagram for recommendations on where to eat in Milton Keynes. Those people generally are visiting the shopping centre or Xscape for the Snowdome, areas which tend to be pretty much all chain restaurants. Milton Keynes has five Nandos – yes five!! – and four Pizza Express to give you an idea just how easily you can come across a chain restaurant and why you can get the wrong idea about what living in Milton Keynes is like! Fortunately, I like both Nandos and Pizza Express, and both are great for those with coeliac. I wouldn’t mind trading a couple of them in though for some of the chains that we are missing (Honest Burgers, Cote Brasserie, Bills – I’m looking at you!) Therefore, anyone visiting Xscape or Centre MK should have no issue finding some gluten free options nearby, however travelling out of the city centre will lead you to some of the local independent restaurants that can also cater to give you something a little different.

I was trying to decide whether just to list my top few gluten free choices, or to do a more indepth guide. I couldn’t make up my mind so I have written a more indepth guide, but I have identified my top choices with a *. In most of my blog posts I use this to recognise 100% gluten free restaurants, but as far as I know there aren’t any in Milton Keynes so do make sure you check cooking processes in all of these restaurants should you use this guide as restaurants, menus, ingredients and staff do change. I am always as honest as I can be about cross contamination measures and issues in my guides as I know how frustrating it can be to travel to restaurants based on recommendations and to then find that they aren’t safe. I can’t completely prevent this in restaurants with mixed kitchens, but I can be as upfront as possible about my experience.

My guide is listed by cuisine, as I find people often decide where to eat based on the type of food they fancy so I really like gluten free guides that allow those with coeliac to also choose where to eat in this way and not just based on where is safe.

Chinese Restaurants

Kam Tong Garden, Great Holm

I have eaten at this restaurant a few times over the years and they make a great Chinese, which is rare in the gluten free world. I have not had any issues here myself, but as I know someone who got glutened here it has put me off recommending it with total confidence, so do take care with your order.

New Hong Kong, Emerson Valley

My local Chinese in Emerson Valley also does gluten free options, their menu is well labelled for lots of the top allergens. I have eaten here successfully, but it does depend on who takes my order for how confident I have felt with their processes. I definitely feel more confident going in and ordering in person rather than other the phone. Note – this is a takeaway only.

St Mary’s Chinese, Oxley Park

I’ve tried to only include places that I have eaten at, where I have checked the cross contamination measures thoroughly. However, my friend Gill who is coeliac has eaten here and always recommends it so they are on my list to try soon!

French Cuisine

*French Affaire, Stony Stratford

My favourite for crepes is brunch at French Affaire. My partner is not so keen as he can’t understand why you would go for brunch which serves eggs benedict on a crepe rather than an English muffin, but I was completely sold and the restaurant is absolutely gorgeous so definitely one for a catch up with the girls. They confirmed to me that they use separate utensils and griddle for the gluten free crepes.

French Affaire also has an evening menu that I am yet to try, although they do not serve their crepes in the evening. The restaurant isn’t very big so booking is also advised. At least it is bigger than their sister restaurant Greek Affaire that I was gutted to learn that although they can make gluten free options they will not offer any kind of cross contamination guarantee due to the small size of the kitchen. Possibly one to try though if you can handle cross contamination.

Fish and Chips

*Fish n Chick’n, Shenley Church End

On Sundays Fish n Chick’n does coeliac safe fish and chips, and the menu includes battered sausages and curry sauce. It is my local fish and chip shop and one of my absolute favourite places to eat in MK. This is 100% my takeaway of choice on a Sunday. It is also the fish and chip shop in Milton Keynes that I feel safest at as the chain are accredited by Coeliac UK.


Moore’s Fish and Chips, Oxley Park

I recently tried Moore’s fish and chips when they opened a branch in Oxley Park but they can also be found in Ashland’s and Newton Leys.

The Oxley Park branch offers gluten free fish and chips on a Sunday (annoying that it’s on the same day as nearby Fish n Chick’n) The fish and chips were good, but I felt safer at Fish n Chickn and Moore’s missed the halloumi out of our order – an issue when your friend is veggie and we picked it up just before they closed! It may have been first week disorganisation so I will perhaps give them another go sometime.

Walnut Tree Fish and Chips, Walnut Tree

Across the other side of Milton Keynes, Walnut Tree Fish and Chips serves up gluten free fish and chips daily. They do prefer it if you call ahead so that they can prepare your order for you but is the place to go if you desire fish and chips on any day other than a Sunday! They also have a variety of vegan options and try and cater for everyone. It’s the place to go for anything a bit different – I had battered parsnips on my last visit!

Napoli, New Bradwell

I have also read online reviews that suggest Napoli does gluten free fish and chips. This isn’t an area that I visit but could be worth a try if you are in that area looking for a takeaway.

Indian Restaurants

If anyone knows of any good Indian restaurants in Milton Keynes please let me know as we are desperate to find a good one!

Purple Mango (Walnut Tree) has said that they can cater for gluten free so they are top on my list to try, as well as Kakori (Newport Pagnell) which was recommended to me. I haven’t eaten at either so do triple check their cross contamination measures if you decide to try them!


Cindy’s Kitchen, Winslow

For Indonesian and Asian takeaway I really want to try Cindy’s Kitchen Friday night takeaways as she has confirmed that cross contamination measures are taken for the gluten free dishes on their menu.

Italian Restaurants

*Nonnas, Woburn sands

A beautiful independent restaurant that serves up incredible Italian food. They have gluten free pasta and pizza options, although due to being coeliac I was advised that the pasta options are safer. The salmon dish I had was so good and I can’t wait to return. They also sell T.Sweetmap desserts – a pastry chef in Milton Keynes who makes the most exquisite desserts. A lot of her products are gluten free and Tracy does assure me that they are made in a clean kitchen before any other items, but honestly I do always worry if they are safe especially when Nonnas then store them in their delicatessen counter. I prefer buying them directly from Tracy at events or from Bogota Coffee Co when Tracy is working so that she can save me one without placing them near anything gluteney! Now if only Nonnas could start making some gluten free cannoli as I am always so jealous of these in the counter!

*The Greedy Italian, Fenny Stratford

A wonderful independent Italian restaurant that I recently went to for the first time was The Greedy Italian. I had a fish basket to start, filled with breaded calamari, squid and prawns and cooked in a separate fryer so I was beyond excited to be able to share this with everyone else! My main was spaghetti ragu that was topped with meatballs, the portion was huge and meatballs add on really wasn’t necessary!


*Deroka, The Hub

A fairly central restaurant located at The Hub is new restaurant De Roka which has some serious interior goals. We went just after it had opened and gluten free options weren’t marked on the menu but the staff told me to choose what I wanted and they would adapt it for me. They also said that a gluten free menu was coming soon, but the website currently doesn’t look like it has this information. We had halloumi and hummus to start followed by the mixed grill. All the meats are gluten free (but the shish kebabs are not dairy free as they are marinated in milk). The meal was amazing, and they knew to substitute my mixed vegetables with a side salad as the vegetables are cooked in soy sauce.

479CD402-3732-416C-9E43-574C2D6E72B0Most of the restaurants at The Hub have always been chains, although I am looking forward to trying some of the menu at The Blossom Room after lockdown – a beautiful bar that has opened and the interior has a ceiling full of flowers and is so pretty.


Mrs Taco, Oxley Park

Over the Valentines Day weekend I ordered a Mexican Platter from Mrs Taco. They were really helpful in helping me with the ingredients – I had the Mexican snacks removed from mine as they were a ‘may contain’ for gluten and the chicken had to be adapted as the sauce contained wheat. As the platters were advertised as gluten free this highlights the importance of always checking that what you are ordering is coeliac safe!

The platter was delicious, just maybe a bit pricy for £28 making it a very occasional treat rather than something we’d order often for lazy dinners.


I can’t tell you how many conversations I have had about gluten free pizza in Milton Keynes – because as a general rule there are plenty of places that offer gluten free pizza, but not safely! Literally menu after menu with gluten free pizza on tells you it’s not safe for those with coeliac!

As we’ve all turned to takeaways in lockdown this has been even more frustrating, and to be honest when I can’t be bothered with all the drama I just order from Pizza Hut as you can order gluten free pizzas hassle free, for £5 and as they’re rectangular there’s none of the worry when it turns up about whether you’ve actually been delivered a gluten free pizza! Thank you Pizza Hut for gluten free pizzas at a time when Dominoes has removed them from their menus! (Top tip – in my experience the delivery from the Bletchley branch is so much better than Westcroft if you have a choice of branch, cheesier and hotter it was ten times better. Amazing really considering I live closer to Westcroft so you would think theirs would be delivered hotter!)

*A Pizza This, Willen Lake

However, if you aren’t requiring a delivery then A Pizza This – a pizza van located at Willen Lake – is my number one choice for gluten free pizza in Milton Keynes. I can not tell you the level of excitement when I found out that the owners of this pizza van are coeliac and gluten intolerant so they understand the importance of cross contamination and use separate area and utensils for preparation.

I literally could not wait to try here and if you are visiting Milton Keynes from the direction of the M1 you are likely to drive past Willen Lake so even though it’s out of town it could be a great casual option for you as you head home. I would recommend reserving a gluten free base in advance to avoid disappointment as the pizza is amazing!


*The Cross Keys

My favourite pub recommendation in Milton Keynes is currently The Cross Keys. They can do about 80% of their menu gluten free with separate preparation and storage areas and a gluten free fryer.Their food was amazing with lots of gluten free choices, that I was able to enjoy in their beer garden. It’s a must visit pub in MK for me – I now need to try their roast dinners as apparently with notice that also do gluten free Yorkshire puddings!

The Plough, Simpson

Despite having not tried the roast at The Cross Keys, I have tried it at their sister pub The Plough. I didn’t book in advance to see if they also can do gluten free Yorkshire puddings but I got served a good sized roast. I just found the huge piece of pork really dry so would perhaps order a different meat next time as you don’t get much gravy compared to the jugs given with the normal roasts!

Navigation Inn, Cosgrove

Overlooking The Grand Union Canal, one of my favourite pubs in Milton Keynes has always been The Navigation Inn. However, on my last visit the staff weren’t very reassuring about their cross contamination measures and I didn’t really enjoy the meal as a result. I have decided to include them as they have emailed me since as I sent them my feedback confirming that they can cater and I have had plenty of good meals prior to that. A good reminder to always check for yourselves that you are happy and feel safe at a restaurant as menus and staff do change.


The Prince George, Tattenhoe

My local pub in Tattenhoe has always had an excellent gluten free menu that is worth a try. It is part of the McMullens chain and I have found the gluten free meals that are safe to be nothing special – good pub food, but sometimes that’s all you want! (Double check the fries are safe as they can be a shared fryer). They do however have gluten free cheesecake on the dessert menu though which I can highly recommend and makes the visit worthwhile! They also have lots of outdoor seating.


The Old Beams, Shenley Lodge

Another local McMullens pub to me where I’ve been able to get a nice meal is The Old Beams in Shenley. With a bit of effort regarding their cross contamination measures and what was safe for coeliacs from the non gluten menu I managed to get a roast and they had some great gluten free desserts.

*The Swan Inn, Milton Keynes Village

A pub that has separate gluten free fryers is always going to be a winner! I recently visited with friends for my birthday, opting for calamari to start and pork belly for the main meal. I would definitely recommend, such a great pub and I really enjoyed my meal here.


The Crooked Billet, Newton Longville

A pretty thatched pub with a beer garden makes this a great spot in the summer. Pricier than your average pub, I was looking forward to trying here. However, whilst they have separate fryer for gluten free fish and chips, perhaps they just have a fryer for chips as opposed to gluten free products as I was pretty disappointed when my GFA beer battered fish and chips, came with no batter with no heads up that this was the case! It was made even worse as Paul had ordered the normal fish and chips so I could see exactly what I was missing!

However, saying that the pub is lovely, the food good and they could cater!

Punjabi Street Food

Saf’s Kitchen, Wolverton

As street food vendor of the year 2017 Saf’s Kitchen is well known in Milton Keynes to be amazing! Follow her on social media to find out all the latest events, curry nights and specials such as afternoon tea, burgers and bbq boxes.

I’ve been meaning to order a curry from Saf’s Kitchen forever, as the starters and curries are all gluten free and look incredible! I did try one of the bbq boxes available last summer as it was awesome so definitely check Saf’s Kitchen out for some gluten free options!

Spanish Restaurants

Ole Tapas Bar, Wolverton

A family run tapas bar, this is a must visit in the Milton Keynes area. I absolutely loved the dishes here when I had a leisurely lunch catching up with friends and the staff were so helpful regarding cross contamination. I was very jealous of the croquettes, filo pastry dishes and churros that could be ordered by my friends (the dishes that you can’t eat always look so good!!) but most of the menu can be made gluten free so this restaurant is 100% one of my top recommendations in this guide for both food and service.

Note – I’ve just had Ole Tapas as takeaway in lockdown and unfortunately wasn’t as good as I remembered. It started badly as they originally told me that I could have the patatas bravas but when I arrived to collect my order I couldn’t as they’d used gluten in the fryer and then they forgot to do the refund for the dish which I had to sort when I got home.

I’m glad they told me about the fryer rather than just giving me the food, but it meant we didn’t really have enough food for the meal. The rest of the meal seemed expensive and wasn’t as good as last time so for us we feel this is one for the experience of eating in at the restaurant with friends for the whole vibe, or maybe it was an off night as they do get amazing reviews and we’ve had an excellent lunch in the past, and I’ve frequently recommended them as one of the best gluten free options in MK. The desserts were excellent though so I do highly recommend those!

Sri Lankan

Sayan Sri MK

Sayan Sri is a small Sri Lankan takeaway that I discovered through Blogger Sophie etc, and are available on Just Eat. They mark what contains gluten on the menu, and I checked my order with them – they were really responsive on Instagram and so helpful. The dosa balls are fried in a separate pan so I was able to have them but the deep fried paneer cooked in a shared fryer weren’t safe so do double check your order (they said with notice they could also have done the paneer safely).

The food was delicious but pretty spicy so be careful with what you order if you can’t handle heat! I loved the devilled chicken wings and dosa balls, and there was so much flavour in the rice that I’m not sure it was worth the extra cost to add the paneer! Paul had the biryani, but would have preferred a more saucy curry but they only have a limited small menu. They are a small business who were incredible helpful, and prepare allergen orders in a separate area of the kitchen so they are a takeaway I’d recommend!

Sweet Treats

Check out my new blog post on gluten free sweet treats in Milton Keynes here.


Thai Modern

I have eaten at Thai Modern many times over the years and have never had any problems with their gluten free dishes, although on a couple of occasions it has been hard work getting my needs to be understood regarding cross contamination and that is the only reason I haven’t starred it as a top choice. The food is delicious though, gluten free options are marked and the restaurant is located fairly near the shopping centre so can be a good option for those less able to travel further out.

Pin Petch Thai, Newport Pagnell

Pin Petch Thai in Newport Pagnell has amazing food, but their service on the night we visited was shocking. It was really really slow, and they were pretty abrupt to my questions about gluten free. We persevered as I had emailed the restaurant in advance to have the manager reply that they understand the need for strict gluten free preparation with separate areas used in the kitchen, and the email response from the manager showed a great understanding. The staff serving on the night did not, they were abrupt and basically said that they had served gluten free people before and they were not sick and didn’t confirm the cross contamination measures that the manager had stated in the email. As you know if you’re coeliac just because someone that is gluten free has eaten there before is not the reassurance that the restaurant may be hoping to achieve from the statement as that is no guarantee that the person either reported that they were sick, or that they get as ill from cross contamination. I ate here with a large group of friends and it was ok in the end, but I didn’t relax and enjoy the meal. They also forgot to cook 3/6 of our tables main meals so it wasn’t just a problem due to my gluten free requirements, their service on that particular night wasn’t great all round. The restaurant gets good reviews though so if you want to try it I would perhaps suggest a quieter night when the staff are not so stretched. They do have a clear vegan menu though so anyone needing dairy free or vegan should find this menu a great help.

Steak Restaurants

*Miller and Carter, Xscape and Shenley Church End

Granted that it is a chain, but Coeliac UK accredited Miller and Carter has some of the best food and service in Milton Keynes at both branches.

Turkish Restaurants

The Olive Tree, Central Milton Keynes

We visited The Olive Tree as it was rated number one restaurant in Milton Keynes and they said that they could easily cater for my gluten free needs. We found the restaurant to be utterly chaotic, with the table not ready on a Saturday night 45 minutes after our booking time, with lots of people all in the entrance complaining about the same issue. The management were blaming diners overstaying their allocated booking time, but when we looked at our booking they had only allocated us 45 minutes for a Saturday night and it is not a fast food restaurant and therefore clearly not enough time. Hopefully this issue has now been resolved as the food was good, and most importantly they have a gluten free sticky toffee pudding on the dessert menu!


There are several Turkish restaurants in Milton Keynes now so I will add in some new reviews when I get a chance to try some of them out!

Beyond Milton Keynes

*The Birch, Woburn

Ok, I think this is one of my favourite places that I have eaten at in the Mk area, technically in Bedfordshire but Woburn is close enough to MK to have to be included in this guide.

The staff were amazing, totally clued up on both allergens and covid-19 measures and the roast dinner was fabulous. The desserts say everything you need to know as we shared a blackcurrant soufflé, a creme brûlée and a sticky toffee pudding. What an absolute dream of a menu that they were all gluten free! A bit pricier than some Sunday dinners but 100% worth every penny!

Deep Blue, Woburn Sands

Another fish and chip shop that can cater is Deep Blue and I used to go there occasionally before Fish n Chick’n made fish and chips much more accessible to me due to their location. However, if you are on the other side of Milton Keynes to me, or in Woburn Sands they serve gluten free options on a Monday. They also have a couple of small tables, whereas all the other fish and chips shops are just takeaways which can be less convenient if you are visiting the town.

*Cod and Waffle, Leighton Buzzard

For waffles, and fish and chips in a restaurant setting rather than takeaway head out to Cod and Waffle in Leighton Buzzard just outside Milton Keynes. The owner is coeliac so I have had many brunches/lunches there of fish and chips, battered halloumi burger and chips, battered tofu and chips, savoury and sweet waffles. We have also held gluten free meet ups there as its such a great place with plenty of options on the menu that includes dairyfree and vegan options. Definitely a must visit if you are in the area and have dietary requirements!

*Bar Encore, Towcester

A Spanish inspired menu of tapas, with so many gluten free options. If you are in or near Towcester for any reason I would highly recommend a break at Bar Encore. I absolutely can not wait to return!


Milton Keynes Food Bloggers

For anyone based in or near Milton Keynes, then please do follow local blogger Sophie. She blogs about Milton Keynes and all the local independent restaurants and businesses. She is worth the follow to stay in touch with what is going on in the town, as well as new restaurant openings. Of course, I have to check them all out for gluten free options and cross contamination measures but she helps me discover so many more places more quickly from her posts.Locally on instagram I also follow:

@lifewithmylittleduck – Milton Keynes

@Nonscentsatno10 – Leighton Buzzard

@thegf_gf – Marston Moretaine

@kt_glutenfree – Bedford

@ab.glutenfree – Northampton

@Bittersweetlifeofacoeliac – Peterborough (also the city that I grew up in so feel free to get in touch for recommendations as I often eat out there)

You can also follow my local hashtag

#thesightseeingcoeliacmiltonkeynes for all my up to date reviews and finds.

If you have any gluten free recommendations for any type of meal or cuisine in Milton Keynes then please do comment below as I am always on the search for new places to try out! I try to find local small independent businesses to support but I also fully support chains providing coeliac safe options so happy to hear all of your suggestions!



3 thoughts on “Gluten Free in Milton Keynes – The Sightseeing Coeliac

  1. Thank you so much for this guide, I miss Chinese takeaway so will give your recommendations a try! I have found amore’s pizza amazing throughout lockdown, they cook in the same woodfired pizza oven but put the pizza on a separate tray to avoid contamination. Plus the bases are full sized! I would recommend trying them to see if you want to add them to your list. Don’t believe they are MK based but they deliver to the area


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