The Sightseeing Coeliac Eating Donuts

Sooo judging by the posts on social media it’s National Donut Day. How did I not know that??! This makes me sad as I have no donuts! This leaves me with no choice but to write about them instead, so here’s my round up of donuts that I’ve tried!

Floris Foods

Broadway Market, London (Saturdays 9-5)

Anyone following my Instagram will know that I love Floris Foods donuts. They are the most donutty donuts that I’ve found in London with an incredible choice of jam, chocolate or custard. They’re just so damn good, how can you pick a favourite? At a push it will probably have to be the jam one, such a classic and one of my favourite treats pre Coeliac diagnosis with these being the closest I’ve found to the real thing! I do love custard though, and chocolate –  so I say try them all!! The only downside is that getting to Hackney where Broadway Market is held every Saturday is a bit of a mission for me, but so worth it when I do make the effort!


Borough 22

Cafes and pop ups across London including Selfridges Food Hall or order online

Working on Oxford Street these are my most accessible donuts, picking them up at Selfridges whenever I get a chance. They come in four flavours in Selfridges – cinnamon, sugar, vanilla glaze and raspberry glaze. These are delicious and also vegan. They are ‘cakey’ in texture so not what everyone expects them to be at first but I love them still in their own right.


Rubys of London 

Greenwich Market, every weekend

Like Borough 22 Ruby’s of London donuts have a cake like texture and are also vegan. I’ve only tried them once as Greenwich is a bit far for me to get to regularly but I loved the ones that I tried! These were the cinnamon and the sweet raspberry white chocolate.


Cookies and Scream

Camden and Holloway Road, London

My sweet tooth and I are obsessed with Cookies and Scream and everything it sells. With it all being gluten free, vegan and delicious what’s not to love? Their donuts come in many different flavours depending on the day and can be served as an epic donut sandwich. AMAZING!


Feel Free Foods 


I bought these donuts in Tesco and I was so excited to try them. However, I didn’t like the texture and didn’t think I’d buy them again. However I’ve seen social media posts from others since who have heated them up first in the microwave so maybe they’re worth another chance! They are the most accessible donuts to most being sold in supermarkets across the U.K.


Do-rite Donuts


Unfortunately for me the most incredible donuts I’ve ever tried gluten free were found in Chicago. They were normal sized donuts, not miniatures and they still tasted like normal donuts. I still dream about the lemon pistachio donut and debate about returning to Chicago just to eat these. Anyone visiting America that has a chance to go to Chicago must not miss these!!


I’ve also tried the donuts from Wheat Free Bakery but not since I’ve being using Instagram to have any photos. Since working in Central London I’ve had less of a need to use online companies due to the amount of food that I can find so haven’t ordered from them in a long time. I think I should change that and place an order as I remember their donuts to be excellent for anyone missing donuts and unable to get to London!

What other donuts have you tried? What are your favourites? Comment below and I’ll give them a try as I just love them!

🍩🍩Happy National Donut Day! 🍩🍩

The Sightseeing Coeliac x

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