The Sightseeing Coeliacs September Favourites

Another month and another lot of favs! So many new products have hit the shelves in recent weeks that it’s too many to try out but here are some of the best of what I have been trying!

Wheat Free Bakery 

Regularly recommended for coeliacs missing baked goods and for good reason, Wheat Free Bakery makes amazing donuts, eclairs and tiger bread – everything that you’ve been craving and more! It had been several years since I placed an order so went a bit mad and filled my freezer. With jam donuts, custard donuts and caramel donut rings all on offer I had to try them all! (In the name of research obviously! – click here to read more about finding gluten free donuts) I have loved everything that I’ve tried so far, especially the caramel topped choux buns. I will write a blog post to go into more detail about all the amazing products, but I have lots of bread to get through first! In the meantime I recommend that you check out their website


Tesco Yeast Extract 

Not really a new product for me but definitely a fav. I’m 100% in the love marmite camp so was devasted when I had to give it up! I was so happy when I found out that Tesco’s own version was gluten free and now always have a jar in the cupboard. Topped on Wheat Free Bakery or Sainsbury’s fresh bread it can’t be beaten!


Maple Bacon Tortilla Rolls – M&S 

Maple bacon anything sounds amazing to me. Maple bacon crisps. Maple bacon pancakes. Maple bacon donuts. It is just a combination that works for me! Not to everyone’s taste as one of my friends finds it too sweet but I love it. A new find this month to satisfy this flavour combo craving were the M&S maple bacon tortilla rolls. Amazing!! M&S make the best crisps and as they are so clearly labelled for gluten free it really makes it easy – and dangerous – to shop their crisp aisle!


I really really wanted to try Borough 22s maple bacon donuts too but as a flavour not stocked in Selfridges I went in search of them at Timberyard, only to be left extremely disappointed that the cafe takes no measures to prevent cross contamination and had made the donuts not safe for coeliacs due to this despite them being made safely by Borough 22. Hopefully this is something that they will change soon so that I can try a maple bacon donut! (If you aren’t sensitive to cross contamination then they are gluten free and vegan, and recommended!)


Livia’s Kitchen Biccy Bombs 

Shopping in Wholefoods is incredible for anyone with food intolerances or allergies  (although not so good for the bank balance!) I recently tried and loved Livias Kitchen gluten free and dairy free biccy bombs and have seen that some of their products are now available in Sainsbury’s too!


Elizabeth D Bakes Carrot Cake

Also from Whole Foods this month I tried out Elizabeth D bakes carrot cake and it was amazing (sorry the photo doesn’t do it any justice!) It had a lovely flavour and texture and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a cake treat and it’s vegan too! I took it along to Hyde Park with me and had a fabulous afternoon at the festival in a day held by Radio 2 (despite the heavy rain!!)


Nature Valley 

Proper cereal bars are something I’ve missed being Coeliac and was happy to find Nature Valley had launched some gluten free bars whilst doing my online shop at Tesco. As they were on offer I ordered a box of each of the salted caramel and the peanut and chocolate. Diving straight in to the salted caramel box I was disappointed that they were so so sweet. I have a sweet tooth and can eat sweeter things than all my friends and family so it’s saying something when I found these to be just too sweet. It delayed me trying the peanut and chocolate ones but when I did I loved them, they were so much nicer than the salted caramel! They will definitely be my flavour choice when ordering cereal bars in the future!


Jamie Oliver’s Five Ingredients Cook Book 

I don’t have a lot of time to spend cooking at home and love cook books that have recipes that are quick and easy. This new book by Jamie Oliver using five ingredients for recipes is perfect as it doesn’t require endless amounts of ingredients! The pork and cheesy potato gratin that we made from the book was a perfect Sunday recipe for quick, easy and tasty comfort food and I’m looking forward to trying out some more from the book. Lots of the recipes like this one are gluten free or they can be easily adapted.



I hadn’t been to Aldi for a while and their gluten free products always seemed to be special buys. This time though they had a gluten free section in the first aisle that looked like it was permanent, so hopefully a sign of things to come!


Teapots – Olney 

Just outside Milton Keynes is the absolutely fabulous Teapots tearoom in Olney. If you’re ever in the Milton Keynes area then you must visit. They understood cross contamination and take measures to prevent it (but do warn they can’t 100% guarantee it as it is not a gluten free kitchen) and the cakes including the gluten free ones are all homemade and delicious. I have eaten at a lot of the afternoon teas in London and this was right up there with them for food and experience due to their homemade bakes in a lovely tea room. My friends and I loved it and thought it was amazing for £14 considering what some places charge for afternoon tea. They tried to match my afternoon tea to the normal one a gesture that is always appreciated and this has become one of my favourite places to eat in the Milton Keynes area! (They do require 24 hour notice if you want gluten free so make sure you book!)


Fishtastic – Cardea, Peterborough 

Although I now live in Milton Keynes I grew up in Peterborough and this is where most of my friends and family live so I regularly eat out there. I have also been visiting a lot more than normal since my nephew was born last month. My brother text me to come on Monday 25th September as it was gluten free day at Fishtastic so that’s what I did. I absolutely love fish and chips so I’m always happy to have this option. However, on arrival at Fishtastic I found that there wasn’t just a gluten free menu but EVERYTHING was gluten free. Fish, chips, scampi, calamari, pies. Outside of London I have never been so happy to eat somewhere as you never normally get this kind of choice! I opted for scampi and chips, my brother had battered sausage and chips and my sister in law had a fishermans basket that included calamari. I of course made the most of it being all gluten free and sampled a bit of everything of theirs too! I will be visiting my brother on Mondays from now on on the gluten free days! Held once a month it should not be missed by those in the Peterborough area.


Turtle Bay – Chain restaurant 

Turtle Bay has just opened in Peterborough for anyone reading my blog post for Peterborough recommendations. I recently went to the Milton Keynes branch and had an amazing meal and cocktails, read all about my experience here.


Mannadew – Battersea High Street 

A 100% gluten free patisserie Mannadew has been high on my gluten free bucket list for ages, but getting to Battersea isn’t that easy. I found an excuse though one day when I was on a late shift at work to be able to go for brunch and it was totally worth the effort. The eggs royale was unreal – poached eggs and smoked salmon  on top of crispy delightful foccacia and all topped with a fragrant amazing hollandaise. I also took a cheese and ham foccacia sandwich and a blueberry cheesecake away with me and they all tasted incredible. You all need to find an excuse to get to Battersea and try this place out as it was Coeliac heaven.


Leggero – Old Compton Road, Soho 

A favourite meal and experience of the month was the bloggers meet up we had at Leggero recently. Leggero is a 100% gluten free Italian restaurant in Soho and the food is to die for. With such a huge menu that is all safe the novelty will never wear off for eating somewhere that is entirely gluten free. A blog post is coming soon but in the meantime feast your eyes on this stuffed squid starter. Stuffed with fish and vegetables and topped with a saffron sauce I didn’t want this plate to end!


Thank you so much to Leggero for having us, and to all the bloggers for such a lovely evening!


I hope you all had a lovely September! If you’ve tried any great new products leave me a comment so I can give them a try! In October I’m heading to Florida (Clearwater beach and Orlando) and Washington DC. If you have any recommendations for either place I would also love to hear them, for me the countdown is on I can’t wait to get out there! Have a great month!

The Sightseeing Coeliac x



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