The Sightseeing Coeliac at Leggero

Many may be familiar with Leggero by its former name La Polenteria. I never got around to going when it was La Polenteria but have been several times since its rebranding and therefore it’s time to give a review of my thoughts!

My recent trip was a blogger meet up, which was hosted by Leggero but as you will see from my blog post on top London choices here you will see that I already loved this restaurant!

For the meet up of six bloggers, all gluten free and not used to full gluten free menus and so much choice, it took quite a while for us all to decide what to order (not that it was a problem as the wine had already been ordered whilst perusing the menu!) The menu also clearly marks its allergens and had plenty of dairy free options too.


In the end I tried one of the small plates, opting for the stuffed calamari. It said that it was stuffed with fish and vegetables so I was a bit unsure what would turn up, but it turned out to be a huge portion of the tastiest calamari dish ever and I didn’t want it to end! This was the highlight of the night for me and I would definitely recommend this dish on a trip to Leggero.



I have also had a couple of takeaways from Leggero when I’ve not been able to leave work for a proper break so have had gluten free food delivered instead! A 100% gluten free option is great when ordering on deliveroo as there is no room for error or someone not taking your gluten free order seriously. On these occasions I’ve ordered the homemade foccacia – it is always a winner when you have the option of being able to order this gluten free! Topped with mozzarella and Parma ham it is totally awesome bread that you wouldn’t know was gluten free!


My main at the bloggers meal was the tagliatelle bolognese. Simple but so tasty and made using handmade sorghum pasta it really is a treat (and also dairy free). It’s the sort of dish I could eat over and over again.


Something a bit more of a rareity is the ravioli that is available. On my last deliveroo order, I ordered the handmade black ink sorghum large ravioli stuffed with salmon and topped with a courgette cream. A lighter meal considering it is a pasta dish – colourful, instagrammable (well not quite so much when it’s a takeaway order!) and so so good (and also again dairy free).


However tasty it was though I did personally prefer the stuffed pasta from the old menu that came with saffron sauce as saffron is one of my all time favourite flavours ever! Hopefully that will reappear on a spring or summer menu sometime next year!


One of the biggest novelties of eating at a gluten free restaurant is that it means you have a choice of desserts! Cheesecake, tiramisu, raspberry mousse or almond and orange cake are the options. My dessert of choice at Leggero has always been the cheesecake, it is creamy and indulgent but at the bloggers meal I was far too full to contemplate one.


We ordered a tiramisu between us so we all got to have a couple of spoonfuls. Creamy and delicious although I’m not really a fan of coffee to be able to give you many comparisons but for a tirmisu it tasted pretty good to me!


It is worth booking a table at Leggero as it’s not the biggest restaurant and it was full when we were there. The staff were friendly and welcoming and I had a fabulous evening with some amazing London bloggers. As the only 100% gluten free Italian restaurant in London it has recently opened a second restaurant in Elephant and Castle in addition to this Soho branch. I for one hope they keep on expanding and providing gluten free-ers with delicious, hand made pasta and dishes for years to come. Thank you Leggero (and bloggers) for an amazing night, and for always giving me something that is safe and stress free to order via deliveroo! Next time I want to try the arancini and the spectacular looking handmade sorghum pasta dish that several of the bloggers tried – tagliatelle with asparagus, avocado, pecorino cheese and a raw egg that you stir into the pasta for it to cook through. The menu has so many choices and if you ever need a meal out in Soho then I highly recommend a trip to Leggero!

The Sightseeing Coeliac x

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