The Sightseeing Coeliac at Manna Dew

Manna Dew has been on my list of gluten free places to visit for a long time. Located on Battersea High Street it’s not the most convenient of locations to get to if you don’t live in London. However, with some time before work on a late shift I decided to make the effort to get there and wow is it worth it!

I got the 344 bus from Vauxhall that is on the Victoria line to Battersea which is the most convenient way using my annual travel card. Southern trains also travel there from Victoria but I’d have to pay and their service isn’t the most reliable so thought the bus was the better option for me from Central London. Only a minute or so walk from the bus stop in Battersea I was greeted with the cute cafe that is Manna Dew and it’s 100% gluten free. After all these years this fact still always makes me happy!


In the window were trays of sandwiches made up using their amazing looking foccacia and inside I was greeted with a patisserie counter. With so much gluten free choice the toughest decision was deciding what to have. That was without the brunch menu enticing me with French toast, eggs benedict or truffled scrambled eggs. This was certainly going to be an amazing start to my day!


I really wanted French toast but with the cheesecakes also looking at me I chose a savoury option of eggs royale. In hardly any time at all I was presented a beautiful plate of poached eggs and hollandaise sauce all topped on their delicious foccacia. This is definitely one of the best gluten free breakfasts I’ve ever had, the foccacia was simply amazing, the eggs perfectly poached and the hollandaise sauce is total perfection! If you ever have the opportunity to come here for brunch I highly recommend it based on this dish!


I also took a ham and cheese sandwich to take away for my lunch which again had been prepared using their foccacia. I loved having the simple sandwich choice, I’m not a lover of salad which is generally put in premade sandwiches so this choice worked for me. However, the thick cut foccacia meant it perhaps needed a bit more filling, but I was happy to focus on the bread which is a rareity for a bread that is gluten free.


I had no idea what treats to pick so went for two in the end to take away – the blueberry cheesecake and the salted caramel chocolate heart. I was struggling to decide between the blueberry or pistachio cheesecake and the very helpful and friendly member of staff said the blueberry one is sweeter so I opted for that. With a sweet tooth I didn’t find it that sweet but it was excellent and I was pleased with my choice!


The salted caramel chocolate cake melted by the time I got around to eating it as it is filled with mousse. It still tasted great though – rich and indulgent but I personally preferred the cheesecake.


After sampling some of the delights I definitely want to return, hopefully for the afternoon tea as I’m sure this is incredible based on my sandwiches and cake selection. I highly recommend a visit to Manna Dew, it truly is Coeliac heaven!

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