The Sightseeing Coeliac at Bird

Bird, with four London locations of Camden, Shoreditch, Islington and Stratford Westfield are answering coeliacs prayers by serving up gluten free fried chicken. Yes, that’s right gluten free fried chicken and it is amazing!

I may be slightly biased in my love of Bird as I used to love KFC and was gutted when I found out it was one of the things that I could no longer have once I was diagnosed as Coeliac. For so many years after my diagnosis I reluctantly accepted that fried chicken (at least that not made at home) was off the cards. Therefore you can maybe begin to understand my excitement a little at discovering Bird.

The restaurant makes all its chicken gluten free – this means chicken wings, chicken boneless tenders, chicken drumsticks – the lot. The chicken is free- range chicken that is soaked overnight in buttermilk, coated in a house seasoned flour mix and fried to order in rapeseed oil. My personal favourite are the boneless tenders as there is no messing around, you can just focus on eating the glorious fried chicken. The skillet is awesome though at getting closer to that KFC feeling with a bit of everything served up for you to tuck into.


Fried chicken of course needs fries on the side so you’ll be happy to hear that these are fried on their own and Coeliac safe. Not all of the sides are but chicken and fries are more than enough to keep me happy.

Not all of the dips are gluten free but the waitress in the Camden branch was confident in answering my questions on what I could have and I chose a trio of dips – buttermilk ranch for a creamy cooling kind of dip, the Nashville hot for the hot kick and the honey ginger one as it is a flavour I love and a bit sweet. I loved them all but Paul didn’t like the honey ginger as sweet things aren’t generally to his taste.


The restaurant has a modern fast food vibe to it with large communal tables or booths and has been busy every time I’ve been. I’ve also had excellent friendly and knowledgeable service with staff that could confidently answer my questions so although there is no gluten free menu I’ve never been left doubting what I had been told or whether I wanted to eat there. I’m not sure how much of the rest of the menu can be done gluten free as I’ve always gone there for the fried chicken!

Paul as a gluten eater has always enjoyed his meals here but thinks it’s quite expensive for what it is. He always joins me though when I want to go and get a gluten free fried chicken fix and knows how extremely happy eating here makes me!

As you can tell I’m a huge fan and have always had a great experience at Bird. Please bear in mind though it is not a gluten free restaurant so you will need to ask your own questions on cross contamination, what exactly is gluten free and decide for yourselves whether you want to eat there. Bird is one of my absolute favourite places to eat out in London and for me it has always had a happy ending and I hope it does for you too!

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