The Sightseeing Coeliac Eating Brunch at Ceru

Yesterday I went to the BBC2 at Hyde Park Festival in a day with friends, and we decided to meet for some brunch first. Located in South Kensington and having had an excellent dinner there a short while back we decided to give Ceru a try. We made a reservation for 11am when they opened although we were the only ones there at that time so hopefully even without a booking you’d still be able to get a table.

Ceru is not an entirely gluten free restaurant but the pitta bread is the only thing with gluten on the menu and staff are clued up about allergens and willing to help. The weekend brunch menu only had three dishes to choose from, but you could also order anything off the main menu giving more options. Besides, when the food is delicious how many options are needed?!

One of my friends and I both chose the shakshuka with Halloumi. Hers came with pitta bread to mop up all the tomato sauce, something that it really needed to get the most from the dish and Ceru would benefit from stocking gluten free pitta bread considering how clued up they are on being gluten free. I was offered carrot sticks to my friends amusement, not something that goes with shakshuka in our opinion! Instead I ordered a side of potatoes to give me a carb hit!


Despite the lack of pitta bread the food was so good, baked eggs in a beautifully spiced tomato sauce and thick slices of halloumi. As my friend is vegetarian and I’m Coeliac it can be rare for us to both enjoy the same dish, but we both enjoyed tucking into this!

My other friend ordered the spicy lamb hash and she said it was excellent but spicy! It certainly looked good, a dish of slow cooked lamb with red chilli, fresh coriander, edamame and green peppers all topped with a fried egg.

The stand out item from our dinner at Ceru (read my full review here) was the calamari. They were so fresh and crispy that I couldn’t resist ordering them as a side dish! They really should not be missed on a trip to Ceru, whatever time of day it may be!


All of our food was washed down with a delightful refreshing watermelon homemade lemonade, but we had to pass on the desserts having stuffed ourselves on our main dishes! This is the second time I’ve visited and been too full to eat dessert. Considering how much of a sweet tooth I have this shows how amazing the rest of the food is! We all agreed that we would return to Ceru for brunch again soon, and so should you!

3 thoughts on “The Sightseeing Coeliac Eating Brunch at Ceru

  1. Wow I really do need to try this place next time I’m around that area! It sounds great and watermelon lemonade, what? That sounds yummy. As for the brunch menu being small, frankly I would stop reading at shakshuka and halloumi and immediately go for that anyway. 😉

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