The Sightseeing Coeliacs August Favourites

Time for my monthly round up of products! August is a bit of a wipe out for me as it’s one of my busiest months at work but I have found some tasty treats to get me through – I hope you enjoy them!

Yoghurt Pizza

Not a store bought product but a favourite of the month was a pizza base made from Greek yoghurt and gluten free self raising flour, inspired by blogger Kimi Eats Gluten Free. Yes I was sceptical too but without a lot of food in the house but having yoghurt and mozzarella I decided to give it a go for me, and my gluten eating pizza loving boyfriend – the ultimate taste tester! It’s not often I will get him to eat gluten free pizza or bread so I made it and hoped for the best. The base was really good although I need to make mine thinner next time. Definitely a recipe I will use again as it was simple using basic ingredients I generally have. Check out the blog here for recipe inspiration and London finds!


Mrs Crimble’s Cake Bars

I have now got around to trying the three Mrs Crimble’s individual cake bars available in Tesco. I love the fact that they can be bought individually as often I get stuck with a whole pack of something that I want to try with just me eating it and it also makes them great for on the go.

I was actually a bit disappointed when I first tried the chocolate brownie  bar, mainly because they look so gooey but the gooeyness is only the top layer for affect and doesn’t run through the whole bar. Once I got over that disappointment it was actually nice!

The one I was most looking forward to trying was the jam sponge, I love anything that’s Victoria Sponge and was excited to try it. Again there wasn’t as much jam running through it as the top layer would let you believe and it was nice but my favourite of all the cake bars turned out to be the lemon crunch. This bar was lemony, zesty and had lemony crunchy bits that gave it a wow factor, I absolutely loved it!

My cake bars are a bit squashed in the photo as I ordered them on my Tesco delivery but they had been packed in the same bag as the apples (who does that?!) so they were pretty squashed when they arrived but hey at least they tasted the same!


Foods of Athenry Cookie Shots 

After reading Alexis’s gluten free adventures blog post on her trip to London I wanted to try the Foods of Athenry cookie shots found in Selfridges. They are quite expensive at £5 a bag and not something I would have picked up without a recommendation. The cookie shots are so good, small chocolatey bites that turned out to have so many ways of eating whether they were eaten by themselves, smothered in Nutella or eaten as an icecream topping they were yummy. However, they were a bit dry and made me pretty thirsty so eating with Nutella or icecream were my preferred options.

As I exercise no self control when faced with gluten free products I also tried the blondie cookie shots and these were amazing. I struggled to not just eat the whole bag in one go.


Schar Choc Chip Buns 

I was a bit slow off the mark at trying these but these choc chip buns grilled to warm up and then covered in Nutella made an awesome breakfast! As they are a long life product they are ideal to go in the suitcase on your travels!


Metcalfe’s Salted Caramel Popcorn

This month I was invited to Metcalfe’s popcorn summer party. I am a huge fan of popcorn, especially their sweet and salted flavour so I jumped at the chance to go! The stand out items from the event were the milk chocolate covered popcorn thins, a fantastic snack and their new salted caramel popcorn (isn’t salted caramel just amazing with everything?!) Such a good way of satisfying my sweet tooth!


At the party they served up a popcorn in a variety of ways to showcase their range and give ideas of new ways to eat it! Sadly I couldn’t eat their salted caramel popcorn blondies as they weren’t gluten free so I had a go at home. Wow they were sweet, even for my sweet tooth but a totally indulgent way of trying their popcorn!


Free From Bakehouse

The idea behind my favourites blog posts is to let you know about supermarket products that I’ve tried that I may not mention much on Instagram. However, I couldn’t not mention my find of the month – gluten free battenberg (that is also dairy free) at Borough Market. I have missed Battenberg cake so much and can’t explain to you how excited I was when I saw it!! If you don’t already have Borough Market on your ‘Must Visit in London’ list then you need to add it now!


My Nephew

Not at all food related but my first nephew was born this month and I was so excited to meet him! It was such an important thing for me in the month that I couldn’t miss him out of my favourites post! Welcome to the world Zachary – you have an extremely proud Auntie ❤️


So here’s to September – I hope you all have a good month!

The Sightseeing Coeliac x



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