The Sightseeing Coeliacs July Favourites

July in London means one thing, the mega Allergy and Free From show weekend that should not be missed! Packed full of brands exhibiting their products, from huge free from brand names and supermarkets to small companies starting up it really is the best way to sample lots of different products before purchasing! There are lots of deals to be had if you buy products and most of my favourites from July were products bought at the show. So, what did I love?

Dona Rita – Pao de Queijo 

My absolute favourite item from the show were these cheese balls. I loved them, so much so I bought a frozen pack at the show only to cook and eat them as soon as I got home! Hot, cheesy and gooey dough balls, seriously what is there not to love – they must go with everything! Sometimes at pop ups and markets in London it’s worth following their Instagram to see where they may be next to be able to get your hands on some!


Too Good To Be – Mini Savoury Eggs

I absolutely loved mini savoury eggs as a child, and it was something I missed being Coeliac so I was delighted when I saw that a gluten free version had been launched by Too Good To Be! I was hoping to get my hands on them at the Allergy show but they weren’t selling their products! Sensing my disappointment they gave me a bag which I devoured when I got home. They are stocked in Waitrose so I need to get myself to one now to find some more!


Too Good To Be did give away some prizes though so I tried their yummy red Thai chicken pie and had the treacle tart which was already a firm favourite!

Freaks of Nature – Dessert Pots

This stand was so busy at the show and for a good reason – gluten free, dairy free, soya free and egg free desserts made from plants and they were so good. Who knew plants could make such a decadent desserts?! My friend and I tried the chocolate and raspberry ones between us and I look forward to finding them in the shops to try more.


Venice Bakery – Pizza Bases

I tried the Venice Bakery pizza at the show and it was so good I had to buy some bases to take home with me. Really thin, crispy and free of the top allergens they’re onto a winner! They had an offer of 4 for 3 and I regret not getting four packs of pizza bases as the wraps were nowhere near as good and fell into small pieces when I tried to use them for fajitas.


Great Food – Sweet Potato Pakora

These aren’t exactly a new favourite for me. I already love the Great Food range for lunch box and picnic type items, including these sweet potato pakora. However, I tried these at the show where they had been heated up, and that took them to a whole new level of amazing! For anyone that hasn’t tried these hot- give it a go as they were so delicious!


Zoot – No added Sugar Chocolate

As you may be able to tell from my Instagram I have a sweet tooth and I would never choose no added sugar chocolate! However, passing the stall I was lured in to try some by the excellent sales pitch and did so out of politeness and was very pleasantly surprised by how good this chocolate was! If you need or want chocolate without the sugar then I definitely recommend you look up Zoot!


Tesco – Cookies and Cream Icecream

After seeing several posts about the cookies and cream icecream on Facebook pages I decided to order some with my next Tesco shop. It’s really nice and a great price for two tubs for £3 when I ordered it. I think I’d prefer the biscuit pieces to be a bit crunchier but I love the fact that this is gluten free.


I am such a sucker for sweet things though that I also ended up with the new Magnum classic icecream tub and the Haagen-Dazs salted caramel icecream as they were also on offer (I do share them with my friends and boyfriend, Honest!) I really shouldn’t search for icecream when ordering food!

The magnum icecream was lovely, just as you’d expect a tub of their classic icecream to be with a chocolate outer that you crack! Yum – I’m looking forward to finding the almond and white chocolate ones next.


I also tried the Haagen-Dazs salted caramel icecream and OMG, this was heaven! So so good, but a bit more sickly so had to have a smaller portion than that of the other icecreams!


Nestle – Toffee crisp sharing bar

Hands up if you miss toffee crisps?! I was so excited when I found out that the sharing bars were gluten free that I ordered one on my next Tesco shop. Admittedly it doesn’t taste like I remember toffee crisps to be as it doesn’t have enough crisp to it, but it was still a very enjoyable bar of chocolate!


On my monthly favourites going forwards I am going to try and stick to only a few of my real favourites each month for gluten free products that I have tried. However, I have tried lots of things this month worth a mention due to the Allergy show!

Green Sisters – Samosas

Green sisters have launched gluten free samosas, and they are amazing. I tried one at the Allergy show but at £3.50 each despite being delicious they aren’t something I’d purchase again at that price but if you’re missing samosas then check them out!


Angels and Cookies – Cookie Mix

The same goes for the Angels and Cookies cookie dough mix. Priced at £6.50 it is expensive and doesn’t make that many cookies (I don’t think – I was weak and ate the whole tub as a cookie dough mix as I loved it!) I tend to buy things to try them but won’t rush back if they cost a lot. At a lower price I would make cookies from all the flavours! The ginger and spice one sounds great for the Autumn!


The Grass Roots Bakery – Bread Mix

I also really liked my sample of the bread rolls at the Grass Roots Bakery stall. I can’t remember the price of the bread mixes but must have been a lot for me not to get them, especially as the rolls really were excellent and tasted like real bread!


The Allergy Free From Show had stalls from all the big gluten free brands. Some of my other favourites that I purchased or buy regularly were the Genius breakfast bars that are great as a breakfast on the go; some Candy Kitten sweets including the new peach flavour; the Newburn Bakehouse Artisan loaves are excellent and I bought the  breakfast Artisan loaf with sultanas and orange; some Nutribrex granola that I’m not sure is sweet enough for me; Moma porridge pots; Nakd snack bars that I pretty much always have in my bag along with the trek flapjack bars and the kind bars with maple flavour being my favourite.


There were also a few thumbs down from me from the show too – Barley Cup (I didn’t know it would taste so much like coffee of which I am not a fan!), the Venice Bakery wraps that I mentioned before that just crumbled; I wasn’t keen on the bread from Tesco despite them having some awesome other products out (the stand out for me is the chicken katsu ready meal that I also had in their tasting lounge and tastes amazing!) and the Juvela range. Many will disagree as I know lots of people love the brand but as it’s prescription only and I don’t get prescriptions I turned down their offer to sample some of the bread. I don’t see the point in trying something I can’t have. When I asked if they would be selling their products in the future they didn’t commit to an answer. I did try their ryvita style crackers though as they are available to buy but I wasn’t keen, they were much too dry for me but saying that I was never a fan of ryvita either! I’m glad I got to sample them without having to pay for them!

So there you have it – a lot of favourites thanks to the Allergy and Free From Show. The show is a favourite in itself and is recommended to anyone living a free from lifestyle to try (and buy?) so many products!

That leads me to another favourite from the show – meeting Bob, from Bob’s Red Mill! He was at the show giving out signed recipe books!


What have been you favourites this month? What were your favourites from the show? Let me know in the comments so I can give them a try!

The Sightseeing Coeliac x


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