The Sightseeing Coeliac’s June Favourites

I often buy gluten free products at home, some I post on Instagram but not often as I don’t cook anything particularly interesting to post! However it means I miss giving you feedback on some of the products that I try. I’ve thought about writing reviews but as I barely keep up with blog posts for restaurants I’m pretty sure I’d never stick to that either! I’ve therefore settled on picking my favourite products of the month for a monthly favourite blog post!

So here goes with June!

Sainsburys Fresh Bread

I know many of you beat me to trying this product as Milton Keynes supermarkets  are always so slow at getting new gluten free products in. However, Milton Keynes finally got added to the list so off I went in search of it. It was still only in the big Sainsburys in the centre and not my local one but at least after all the hype I’d finally get my hands on some!

The biggest surprise to me was this bread actually smelt like bread. Freshly baked glorious bread. I had been dubious, I mean how could a gluten free bread get so much good feedback? Never before has this happened and I was so excited to try it!

Was it worth it? In one word, yes! I actually ate it untoasted with just butter. Enough said!! It was amazing and you should listen to all the great reviews and try it for yourself.


I also tried the rolls, which were great for hot dog buns so also a winner. I ate lots of bread over the couple of days after I purchased it as it has a short shelf life and I was dubious about freezing it as it had already been frozen. However, Coeliac support pages on Facebook seem to think that freezing it again is fine so next time I venture to Sainsburys I’ll be stocking up!


Rule of Crumb Eclairs

Whilst in Sainsburys I spotted Rule of Crumb eclairs. OMG only people with food allergies could understand the excitement of stumbling across these in the freezer! I am a big fan of Rule of Crumb products especially as they make two of my favourite pre Coeliac treats – profiteroles and chicken kievs! Rule of Crumb always seems a little pricey compared to comparable products from other brands but I’m yet to be disappointed. The profiteroles are delicious and come with both chocolate sauce and salted caramel to top them with. I pretty much always have a box in the freezer in case I need a dessert option!

The chicken kievs are also amazing, I always put off buying them due to the price but they are huge and again a great product to have in the freezer should you require a lazy dinner.

Back to eclairs – these really are a product that you don’t come across gluten free, and not just that but also dairy free which opens them up to so many more people that must also be missing eclairs! My favourite eclairs are definitely Helmut Newcakes salted caramel eclairs in Paris, they are just divine and really got me craving eclairs all the time! I didn’t hesitate in buying a box of Rule of Crumb ones and I didn’t wait until after dinner either, as soon as they’d had time to defrost they were eaten! They were extremely messy as I’d defrosted them upside down so my advice would be to take them out the box before defrosting to try and keep the chocolate on your eclairs!


I liked the eclairs and quickly devoured not one, but two and would buy them again. I do think I could tell that they were dairyfree from the taste of the chocolate and cream but they were still fab.

Tesco Mozzarella Sticks 

My favourite new product of the month (well new to me as think I was a bit slow in purchasing these) from Tesco were the mozzarella sticks. Not very healthy and incredibly indulgent I really enjoyed eating these with some sweet chilli dip whilst bregrudingly sharing them with my boyfriend. I would buy these again for a buffet/party type occasion and Paul devouring them all despite not being gluten free is an excellent review in itself.


Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade 

I tried this lemonade after buying it as a non alcoholic option for a BBQ and it was so good! Lovely and summery flavour and I would recommend picking up a bottle. I also saw it in Chipotle the other day when I was having lunch there!



I’ve tried Pieminister pies before ordering them from Ocado and they’re the best pies I’ve tried. Also available in Sainsburys they are another lazy meal option.

However, this month I had the opportunity to visit their restaurant in Bristol. This was mega, the pie crisped up so much more than I can get it at home and on a rainy, gloomy day the pie and mash lunch deal went down a treat. I washed it all down with a gluten free peroni having never tried it. I’m sure they’re great if you like beer but beer is not something I miss gluten free and won’t be something I order again in a hurry! (Personal taste nothing to do with the peroni!)


So there you have it, my top choices from products I tried in June. Would products have you tried recently? What would you recommend? Let me know in the comments so I can give them a try!

The Sightseeing Coeliac x


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