The Sightseeing Coeliac at TGIs

Tonight was a huge night for me going for dinner at TGIs. Last time I went for my brothers birthday at the Milton Keynes branch I was glutened, and I mean the most sick I’ve ever been from gluten kind of glutened and it unsurprisingly put me off ever returning. Despite the chain seeming to get good reviews online from Coeliacs and the fact the manager took my order, I still got sick!

Today I decided to give them another go, admittedly I’d never pick the pulled pork burger that I ordered last time ever again and I went to the Bletchley branch instead but none the less I was still back in a TGIs. As this is one of my brothers favourite restaurants he would be very happy to hear this news!!

I was given the gluten free menu when I asked for it and as the nachos were on the gluten free menu the four of us decided to share these as a quick starter. They were the cheese option due to Louise being vegetarian (with my boyfriend reluctantly not having the chicken ones!) so they were cheesy and delicious although there seemed to be a huge topping to nacho ratio. I normally love lots of toppings – but not when there aren’t many nachos!


My biggest concern was that I was always under the impression that the manager had to take my order and oversee the cooking of it. This did not happen, the waitress took my order as normal. When I asked her if the manager was meant to take the order since I was Coeliac she said no the manager would just let me know if there were any problems. This may have changed as I’ve not eaten there for quite a long time but I thought the manager being involved was part of their protocols to ensure a [supposedly] safe meal.

The mains seemed to be a good choice of steaks, burgers (no thanks!) and a few other options including the ribs which is what I went for. I didn’t know when I was ordering from the gluten free menu that the normal menu has ribs with the option of a few different sauces to pick from. The gluten free ones only come with BBQ sauce which was fine by me and unlike in Frankie and Benny’s I was very happy that the ribs came with chips, and lots of them. The meal was nice enough but wow was the BBQ sauce strong and far too overpowering for my liking which really took the edge off unfortunately, for how much I enjoyed them.


I was far too full of ribs and nachos to attempt the one gluten free dessert on the menu, a popcorn sundae.

I used to love TGIs it has a really cool vibe, even if the loud choruses of “happy birthdays” make me cringe and remind me never to visit on my birthday! Their cocktail list is immense and on this occasion I didn’t get sick!

The meal though I thought was quite expensive for just a main, shared starter and soft drink but it was a Friday night so no promotions or deals and for me it was great just to get over my own issues of eating at TGIs…I know where my brother will want to go next time he visits me in Milton Keynes!

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