The Sightseeing Coeliac at Breddo’s Tacos

My best mates boyfriend, Hugh absolutely loves tacos! After seeing some drool worthy posts of tacos from Breddos it therefore seemed like the perfect lunch stop for his birthday.

Located on Old Street it is about a ten minute walk from Old Street underground station which felt like so much longer in Saturdays heat!

They open at 12 and don’t take bookings but easily seated the three of us at about 12:15 in one of their booths. We were handed paper menus with the date stamped on, showing that they often change the menu choice! We were advised of choosing 3-4 tacos, or less if choosing one of the big plates.


I asked what was gluten free to be told the tacos were made from corn but some of the options like the Baja shrimp and pork belly were not gluten free, typical that it’s always the ones that you’re eying up! I was also told the tostadas were not gluten free as they use the same oil so the tacos were the safest option for coeliacs.

I picked three options – a sweet potato taco, a pork and pineapple taco and the fried chicken taco that was suprisingly gluten free.


Louise who is vegetarian only had two options – the sweet potato one which she got two of and an organic egg one that came with a whole runny egg and a bit of a kick! These were both gluten free options in case you’re thinking of visiting as a Coeliac vegetarian, although the runny egg one was amusing to watch her try and eat without making a huge mess!


The waitress came back to tell me that the fried chicken taco that day was not safe as the chef had put on a new special that used the same fryer as the fried chicken, and that special was not gluten free. At least they were honest and had the understanding to tell me this information so I could pick something else, but it was so disappointing to have been able to order a gluten free fried chicken option only to have it taken away again!

I didn’t really fancy the other tacos so picked one of the larger plates that was £12 but could be shared. This option was the most incredible tasting melt in your mouth sea bass and was absolutely delicious. The big plates were all gluten free when we went and all sounded so tempting. If the sea bass was anything to go by they are worth a try!


We only ordered a sample of the tacos and one of the large plates as it was lunchtime so hopefully one day I will get the chance to return for dinner, and to try more of the yummy options on the menu.

In Hugh’s words the tacos were epic, and well worth the trip to Old Street to find them so definitely recommend them to anyway in the Old Street area wanting tacos with some more unusual and amazing toppings!

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