The Sightseeing Coeliac at Chipotle

Working on Oxford Street I am a huge fan of Chipotle (Chip-oat-lay). There are several branches in London including in Covent Garden and Baker Street near Madame Tussauds. The Wardour Street branch in Soho is a couple of minutes from work and one of the best places to find food on the go. I was therefore mega excited to be invited to their event last night to launch their ‘Eat to your Own Beat’ menu.


Their menu has always been so great for catering to dietary requirements. I’ve always been able to get a gluten free naked burrito bowl or some corn tacos really easily, with staff clued up enough to wash their hands and change their gloves.  The ‘Eat to your own beat’ menu really advertises this and helps put it out there that Chipotle can cater for coeliacs, and not only that but also for those who have other dietary requirements whether that may be dairy free, vegan or high protein Chipotle has something for you. The new online menu means that everyone can check in advance for ingredient combinations to find out what suits them, which also can take the stress out of checking everything at the time of ordering.


A gluten free board has gone up advertising the gluten free naked burrito bowl making it super easy to order something gluten free if there are just too many flavour combinations to pick from – after all how often as a Coeliac can you literally eat everything once you’ve excluded the flour tortilla? The choice can seem a little overwhelming, especially when there are people queueing behind you eager to get their food!



I was allowed to take a plus one to the event and with my boyfriend working late  (and very gutted to be missing burritos and beers!) my best mate, Louise came along. She isn’t gluten free but is vegetarian so also ate to her own beat with a jam packed vegetarian burrito. She called it ‘the mother’ of all burritos as it was just so big and too much food for her to finish. I will just post the photo of the burrito as the first photo I took of her attempting to eat this monster burrito is far from flattering!!


Last night was so much fun at the event  with food and delicious margaritas flowing whilst getting to meet some Instagram friends in person (shout out to #glutenfreealex_ #theglutenfreebunn and #theglutenfreesuitcase )


Whenever I have visited Chipotle before it has been for lunch often taking it back to work with me, or there are lots of bench style seating to sit in. (Last nights was made all the more fun with the margaritas that I normally don’t get to order!) Lunch times do get very busy and I often try to avoid 1-2pm for easier and quicker service, but having  said that whatever time I’ve been and however busy they are they’ve always take care with my order. Lots of local establishments during the peak lunch hour can’t say the same and for that reason and the launch of this fantastic menu it shows just how much Chipotle care about you ‘eating to your own beat’. Whatever that means for you, I hope you enjoy your meal at Chipotle and that you get to wash it down with a margarita or two (warning – they are strong 😉)

Louise with the margaritas!

Thank you Chipotle and Gemma (#coeliaclondoner) for putting on such a fantastic event!

The Sightseeing Coeliac x

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