The Sightseeing Coeliac at Chiquitos

When I first moved to Milton Keynes I lived with friends in a flat we rented just outside the city centre. Our nearest place to eat was a Chiquitos so we ate here and drank many cocktails whenever we wanted an easy night out. When I was diagnosed as coeliac that all changed, with no gluten free menu and absolutely zero awareness of cross contamination I never ate here again.

I no longer live in the flat, and that Chiquitos has since closed down with a new one opening at Kingston the other side of Milton Keynes to where I live so eating at Chiquitos had become a very distant memory. That is,  until now as they have just launched a gluten free menu that is accredited by Coeliac U.K. and I couldn’t wait to try it out!

Working in London we had a late Friday night booking  for me, my best mate and the boyfriends who were excited by the tacos and margaritas we promised them! We turned up and the restaurant was about 2/3 full and had a great vibe with fun, uplifting music and we settled in with a round of margaritas whilst looking at the menu. I can recommend my coconut margarita as for taste it was my favourite out of the margarita flavours that we ordered, but the margaritas consisted mainly of ice and not that much drink so we only had the one. The boys switched to beer and the girls to pina coladas and wine, all much better value for money.


There were only three starters available gluten free, I picked the pulled pork potato skins and really enjoyed them with the BBQ sauce. I also love restaurants putting gluten free flags in the food to make you feel safe.


For the mains I couldn’t resist ordering fajitas as for once they were served with tortillas. When they turned up there was a sizzling plate of chicken, peppers and onions with a gluten intolerance flag. I was also handed a plate of all the dips – sour cream, guacamole, cheese and salsa. On the side rolled up in paper were the tortillas. As there was no flag on this plate I asked if they were definitely gluten free ones to which the staff quickly realised they weren’t and took them away from me. A reminder to always be vigilant and shows how helpful the flags are. I was then passed some corn tortillas that weren’t wrapped up as my gluten free ones had been. They weren’t good at all, quite hard and a really strange texture, almost like sandpaper. I enjoyed my fajitas but the tortillas weren’t nice and there are much better gluten free wraps available nowadays that would have made the meal far more enjoyable.


We also ordered some sides for the table off of the gluten free menu so that I could enjoy them – some yummy sweet potato wedges and some grilled halloumi with a cranberry dip. The sweet sauce was a perfect accompaniment to the salty halloumi and there were no sides left by the end of the meal.

We were far too full to contemplate dessert, but there were five on the gluten free menu. These consisted of three fruity ones, a chocolate brownie and lemon sorbet. Nothing that particularly inspired me to be anything different but glad to have a choice.

The staff were friendly and we were pleased with the service although we were a bit disappointed as we left as we saw a 2-4-1 on cocktails leaflet on other tables that started at 9:30 and therefore I think should have applied to our pina coladas and maybe influenced our other drink choices. At no point during our meal was this mentioned to us. As I was served the wrong tortillas it also shows to always be careful when dining out with coeliac even when somewhere is accredited by Coeliac UK. Overall though we all agreed we would return again for food and cocktails and are glad it gives us somewhere else to eat in Milton Keynes.

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